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What you SHould KNow ABout 3D Printing

Before placing an order or 3D printing yourself there are some things you should know about 3D printing and how it works. 

3D printing isn't very simple. These prints take a good amount of time. There is a lot of time spent adjusting the model in a slicer software. The printer itself also require maintenance and adjustments as well, although personal maintenance is not your problem it can put a damper in the process and amount of time to make a successful print. Sometimes prints can fail at any point during the printing process alot of times resulting in a complete restart after finding what caused the issue. There is also cleanup after a print is finished which can include support removal, sanding, and filing. 

Overall it is great to note that while 3D printing is an amazing thing it is not a craft that gives instant satisfaction most of the time. Please keep this in mind if an order is running behind or if you plan to start printing for yourself and come across alot of issues at first. 

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