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"Must-Have Accessories for Every Hobby: The Top 5 Picks!"

1. Scythe Paint Brush by

The Scythe Paint Brush, available from Lethal Shadows, is a high-end tool designed for precision and versatility in miniature painting. Its body is crafted from solid milled aluminum, ensuring durability and a premium feel. A notable feature is its replaceable tips, allowing artists to switch between sizes for different painting needs without needing multiple brushes. This brush ships with a size 2/0 tip, suitable for detailed work, and additional tip sizes can be purchased separately in packs of three. The synthetic fibers of the tips offer a cruelty-free alternative to traditional sable hair brushes, maintaining a sharp tip for accurate painting.


  • Durable aluminum body.

  • Replaceable tips for versatility.

  • Environmentally friendly with less waste.

  • Synthetic fibers maintain a sharp tip.


  • Initial cost might be higher due to quality.

Reason for Use: Ideal for artists seeking a single, adaptable brush that can cater to various painting needs with ease, offering both quality and sustainability.

2. Newsh from Monument Hobbies


  • Non-Toxic and Safe: Newsh is a water-based medium, making it a safer alternative to oil and enamel washes that require toxic solvents for thinning and cleaning.

  • Ease of Use: It can be diluted and cleaned with water, simplifying the process for hobbyists of all levels. Its compatibility with Pro Acryl paints allows for creating custom colors, enhancing its versatility.

  • Long Working Time: The medium's extended drying time is a standout feature, granting users the flexibility to adjust and perfect the weathering effects before it sets.

  • No Need for Varnish: Once dry, Newsh does not reactivate, eliminating the need for a protective varnish layer before applying additional paints or washes.


  • Learning Curve: For those new to using washes, there might be a learning curve in mastering the application for desired effects.

  • Potential Staining: There have been observations that Newsh can alter the underlying paint color, especially on lighter shades, which may require some practice to manage effectively.

Reason for Use: Newsh is designed for miniature painters looking to add depth and age to their creations without the complications and hazards of traditional washes. Its user-friendly attributes make it an attractive option for both seasoned hobbyists and newcomers aiming to explore advanced painting techniques with minimal fuss.

Incorporating Newsh into your miniature painting arsenal can significantly expand your creative possibilities, allowing for detailed weathering effects that can bring your miniatures to life. Whether you're enhancing the realism of a battle-worn armor or adding subtle aging to a piece of scenery, Newsh offers a blend of safety, convenience, and quality that can elevate your painting projects to new heights.

3. Fidget Popper Toys as Paint Palettes

Innovatively repurposing fidget popper toys as paint palettes presents a cost-effective and playful approach to mixing and holding paint. These toys, originally designed for stress relief, feature small, silicone bubbles that can be used to separate different paint colors or mix custom shades.


  • Inexpensive and readily available.

  • Adds an element of fun to the painting process.

  • Easy to clean and reusable.


  • Not specifically designed for painting; might not suit all artists.

Reason for Use: A creative solution for hobbyists looking for a unique, functional, and budget-friendly palette option.

4. Makeup Sponges and Brushes

Makeup sponges and brushes, widely used for cosmetic applications, are also excellent tools for miniature painting. They offer a variety of textures and densities for applying base coats, blending, stippling, and achieving smooth gradients on miniatures.


  • Versatile and capable of producing different textures.

  • Affordable and easy to replace.

  • Soft on miniatures, reducing the risk of damage.


  • May absorb more paint than specialized painting tools.

Reason for Use: Perfect for painters seeking diverse texturing and blending tools without investing heavily in professional art supplies.

5. UV Resin Kit

A UV Resin Kit is an essential item for adding durable, crystal-clear details or creating water effects on miniature bases. It cures quickly under UV light, allowing for rapid progression in projects.


  • Fast curing time with UV light.

  • Adds a professional finish to miniatures.

  • Versatile for creating various effects.

  • Alternative to super glue


  • Requires UV light for curing.

  • Handling and safety precautions are necessary due to chemical composition.

Reason for Use: Best for hobbyists aiming to elevate their miniature painting with realistic effects and durable finishes. Each of these items brings something unique to the table, from enhancing the precision of your painting to introducing innovative ways to add details and textures. Whether you're a seasoned painter or new to the hobby, integrating these tools into your setup can significantly impact your miniature painting projects' quality and enjoyment.

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