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Introducing the Bloddy Legion Bits Pack, containing 2 sets of backpacks, heads, and shoulders, each with intricate detailing and unique designs. Made of high-quality 3D printed materials, these pieces are perfect for adding a touch of dystopian flair to your miniature soldier models. The backpacks feature a variety of styles, from bulky ammunition packs to streamlined jet packs, while the heads and shoulders are adorned with menacing spikes, gas masks, and other post-apocalyptic elements. Whether you're crafting tabletop warfare scenes or simply adding to your miniature collection, the Bloody Legion Bits Pack is a must-have for any enthusiast of gritty, futuristic aesthetics. Upgrade your miniature army with these versatile and visually striking accessories today.

Bloody Legion Bits Pack x5 each (Backpacks, Heads, Shoulders)